Essay on why antibiotics should not be overused

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Why should antibiotics not be over used?

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Should I avoid taking antibiotics?

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Why antibiotics shouldn't be overused

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We need to take responsibility to cut down on the use of antibiotics and be sure we need them, before taking them. Antibiotics will continue to work if not abused. Antibiotics are sometimes used to prevent these diseases from becoming established in the first place.

The video below explains how and why antibiotics are used in livestock production. With fewer infections, animals receiving preventative antibiotics are, in most cases, healthier. antibiotics may have dangerous side effects and so should not be overused we should only use them as prescried by the doctor thumbs up please!

3 Antibiotic misuse, sometimes called antibiotic abuse or antibiotic overuse, refers to the misuse or overuse of antibiotics, with potentially serious effects on health.

As discussed in Adverse Drug Reactions, more than million people are hospitalized and more thandie each year from largely preventable adverse reactions to drugs that should not have been prescribed as they were in the first place. 6 What follows is a summary of the seven all-too-often-deadly sins of prescribing.

Physicians should prescribe antibiotics appropriately and consumers should use antibiotics according to the prescription.

Antibiotics should not be used when they are not warranted—e.g., for treating viral infections such as the common cold or a stomach virus.

Essay on why antibiotics should not be overused
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