Five factors that programmers should consider when choosing between data types

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Working with Data in MySQL

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Factors to Consider when Choosing Storage Management Solutions

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The five factors to consider when selecting test procedures

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Exploratory Testing 0

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The following list gives a quick rundown of factors to think about when picking a type for a column. What kind of values will the column hold? You can't always consider the issues involved in choosing data types as though they are independent of one another.

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When choosing a Storage Management Solution there are a few factors you should consider. Most of the factors are common in any IT planning but are more important when choosing a Storage Management Solution because of the scope of the project.

Week 3 Discussion 1 "Programming and Data Types Considerations " Please respond to the following: Propose at least five factors that programmers should consider when choosing between data types (such as those used in C and Java for signed and unsigned integers and real numbers) in an application.

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Five factors that programmers should consider when choosing between data types
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