Induction type energy meter

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Induction Type Meters

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Single Phase Induction Type Energy Meter Working, Construction & Creeping

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Explain about 3 Basic Types of Energy Meters?

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Working of Single phase induction type Energy Meter. The basic working of Single phase induction type Energy Meter is only focused on two mechanisms: Mechanism of rotation of an aluminum disc which is made to rotate at a speed proportional to the power.

Induction type energy meter

The principle of working and construction of induction type meter is very simple and easy to understand that's why these are widely used in measuring energy in domestic as well as industrial world.

In all induction meters we have two fluxes which are produced by two different alternating currents on a metallic disc. Due to alternating fluxes there is an induced emf, the emf produced at one 4/4(2).

The energy meter thus determines and adds together or integrates all the instantaneous power values so that total energy used over a period is thus known. Therefore, this type of meter is also called an “integrating” meter. Let K be the meter constant of energy meter, which is the number of revolution per KWh energy consumption.

When connected to measure energy, if disc makes R number of revolution in t seconds. Then the reading of energy meter is.

E = R/K. Let kW= Power in Kilowatt from wattmeter reading. R= No. of revolution made by disc in t sec. Energy meters are the basic part to measure the power consumption. It is used everywhere, no matter how big or small consumption it is.

It is also known as watt-hour we discuss the construction and working principle of induction type energy meter.4/4(5). Working of Single phase induction type Energy Meter.

The basic working of Single phase induction type Energy Meter is only focused on two mechanisms: Mechanism of rotation of an aluminum disc which is made to rotate at a speed proportional to the power.

Mechanism of counting and displaying the amount of energy transferred.

Induction type energy meter
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