Nudity violence and swearing should be censored

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Why does American TV censor nudity (which is normal and natural) but not violence and gore?

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What Would You Censor On Television?

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Why is curse words and nudity not censored in England?

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This is why it is better bad words and sexual part should be censored and why extreme violence should not have to be censored. First off if a kid that's under 13 changes the channel from kid cartoons to "adult shows" and hears a bad word he is more likely to say the word then be affected by extreme violence he see's on a show.

Feb 18,  · In Britain there's something called the watershed. Before 9pm there's no swearing or nudity and after 9pm it's allowed. If there's gonna be a lot of swearing/nudity/graphic images a commentator warns you before the shows Resolved.

Mar 24,  · Dependent on the situation, gratiouitous sex, violence and swearing should be censored. If it has a place in the program, and in the view of the Ministry of Truth and Propaganda, then it should be screened at an appropriate time, with appropriate warnings.

A bit more complex than that. Depends on the country you live. In the USA swearing, nudity and the worst violence is censored from "broadcast" TV because broadcast TV (transmission over Radio waves, not cable wires) is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Censor Box

Nudity, sex, torture, violence, swearing, and death. They are a part of life, even if you try to pretend they are not. These things go on, there is no need to hide from that fact.

Jan 16,  · I'm not here to advance some pro- or anti- violence or nudity agenda. I simply want to know the moral reasoning behind today's censorship standards that say it's okay to show bloody corpses, beatings, death, and graphic violence but it's not morally okay to show a naked Resolved.

Nudity violence and swearing should be censored
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