Should parents smack their children essay

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Children's Rights

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Society wants parents to have flexibility in raising their children, but no one wants discipline to turn into child abuse. Parents should be able to decide whether they spank their children or choose to use alternatives.

Although spanking isn't illegal /5(9). I personally do not smack my child and I do believe that there are more effective ways of disciplining as smacking is often not thought through, but I do believe that all children respond differently to different forms of discipline, and I know parents who have used smacking as a last resort when all else has failed and that has been the only.

HypocriticalOath said. Also if more parents were like you maybe there would be fewer Newtown and Columbine massacres. Those parents were totally 'baffled' by their kids actions (well not Newtown as the mother died) but hello - you gotta be on top of this stuff.

I firmly believe that the smacking of children should be banned by law. For me, there is no real debate in this matter. Many parents abuse the right to smack their children, which can lead to severe consequences.

Children grow up copying and learning from their parents from a young age. If parents.

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Parents should never smack their children because they risk ‘today’s smack will becoming tomorrow’s punch’, according to senior doctors. Mom of girl with cancer begs parents to vaccinate their children: ‘It’s an act of compassion’ A mother is asking parents to vaccinate their children, revealing the dangerous reality for kids.

Should parents smack their children essay
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