Should the driving age be raised to 21

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Why should the driving age be raised to 21?

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Should The Minimum Legal Driving Age Be Raised?

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Should Driving Age Be Raised To 21?

The official blog of Topic Insurance 26 Editor Some people want the driving age redundant to 18, 21 or even 24!. The driving age at the moment is 17 it should be raised to 21 to overcome some of consequences and risk factors in teenagers.

With lack of experience and maturity, both parents and fellow drivers are frightened to share the road with adolescents.

Pros and Cons of Raising the Driving Age

The legal driving age has been a constant debate and every few years another log is thrown onto the fire. Should we really raise the legal age to drive? Would it save lives? If so, how high should we raise it? Currently, most states allow for teen drivers to apply for a drivers permit 6 months after their 15th birthday.

Some say this is way too soon. For this reason, I believe that the age of obtaining a driving license in Malaysia should be raised to 21 years old. Firstly, at the age of 21, humans leave their teenage years into early adulthood.

During this period of life, humans gain more maturity physically and mentally. The imbibing age should be raised to 21 so that pupils in college can concentrate on school and academic surveies. instead than be distracted by intoxicant. The current legal age for buying and imbibing intoxicant in nines in Australia is 18 old ages of age.

Driving age should be raised to 21?

Mar 24,  · I think nobody should be allowed to drive before they either get a A-Level qualifications or equivalent (which will soon be compulsory education in the UK) or become 21, whichever is Resolved. Should the driving age be raised to 18 from the age of 16 that it currently is in many jurisdictions?

It is believed that older teens will make more responsible decisions behind the wheel, but others say that it is inexperience behind the wheel that leads to problems and not age. The pros and cons of raising the driving age to 18 are often.

Should the driving age be raised to 21
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