Should the graduation exam be required

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Why Graduation Tests/Exit Exams Fail to Add Value to High School Diplomas

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Why Graduation Tests/Exit Exams Fail to Add Value to High School Diplomas

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High School Graduation Requirements and Students with Disabilities

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Like it or not, if you're applying to grad school the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is on your to-do list. What is the GRE? The GRE is a standardized exam that permits admissions committees to compare applicants on the same scale.

The GRE measures a variety of skills that are thought to predict success in graduate school across a wide variety of disciplines.

What: An exam for high school graduation. Who: High school students take the test, published by their state public school boards. Where: The high schools which the students attend. When: Differs by state. How: Timed. Although passing is technically required for gradation, the tendency of school boards to withhold a diploma was far more.

An increasingly common graduation requirement is the achievement of a passing score on an exit exam, a practice often referred to as high-stakes testing. With the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) signed into law by President George W. Bush inschools are required to test students to document their academic progress.

High school graduation exams are in place in nearly half the states, and more than half the nation’s high school students have to pass them to earn taken and passed required courses — even when they have many chances to pass the tests and often receive extra help if they fail them.

There are. Even if the graduation requirement is eliminated, students would still be required to take the exam once to fulfill federal "No Child Left Behind" testing requirements.

graduation exam was to identify the fundamental skills and concepts that students who pass the required courses are expected to know. I believe this was a fair challenge.

Should the graduation exam be required
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