Should the us enact a mandatory universal motorcycle helmet law

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The cost of repealing mandatory motorcycle helmet laws. David Gorski on January 18, In the three years after Michigan repealed a mandatory motorcycle helmet law, deaths and head injuries among bikers rose sharply, according to a recent study. If the debate over universal mandatory motorcycle helmet laws were an honest one, it.

Welcome to the 50 State Helmet Law Review. Here you will find a page on each state with whatever information we have on hand. This is a continuing work-in-progress so if you don't see something here and you can supply any missing or new information, please email us.

Thanks. Finally, helmet law proponents argue that aside from the United States, most developed countries have mandatory motorcycle helmet laws in place. This supports the argument that if most other countries deem it necessary to have helmet laws to protect their citizens, the United States should follow suit.

Studies in States that enacted universal helmet laws observed use rates of 90 percent or higher immediately after the law became effective, compared to 50 percent or lower before the law ([Ulmer and Preusser, ], Section II). If the debate over universal mandatory motorcycle helmet laws were an honest one, it would boil down to this.

We know that repealing mandatory helmet laws will lead to an increase in unhelmeted riders from around % to around %.

Federally mandating motorcycle helmets in the United States

There is no motorcycle helmet use law in three states (Illinois, Iowa and New Hampshire). In the past, many more states had universal helmet laws, thanks to pressure from the federal government.

Instates were required to enact helmet use laws in order to qualify for certain federal safety programs and highway construction funds.

Should the us enact a mandatory universal motorcycle helmet law
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