Wireless signals four different types of wireless technologies

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Types of wireless technology – Wireless technology types

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Types of wireless technology – Wireless technology types

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An ready antenna is designed to stray a degree dispersed wave pattern. The four different types of wireless technologies are satellite signals, radio systems, microwave signals, and infrared. These different types of systems have their own way of transmitting signals and different types of strengths.

Different types of Wireless Technologies: Due to the easy approach to the networks and also in many appliances of the daily life wireless technologies are of many types and almost all the technologies that are used in the present era for the sake of better working are designed wirelessly.

In addition to having different frequencies, wireless signals can be different in the way they convey information. A wireless signal needs to be modulated--or changed--to send information. There are many types of modulation, and different technologies can use one or more types.

A type of low cost, low power and wireless technology which is used for the different purposes at ultra low power is known as Zig bee technology. Low power radios on the basis of standard personal wireless networking are used by a protocol to enhance the technology.

The different types of wireless communication mainly include, IR wireless communication, satellite communication, broadcast radio, Microwave radio, Bluetooth, Zigbee etc. Satellite Communication Satellite communication is one type of self contained wireless communication technology, it is widely spread all over the world to allow users to stay connected almost anywhere on the earth.

n (also sometimes known as Wireless N) was designed to improve on g in the amount of bandwidth supported by utilizing multiple wireless signals and antennas (called MIMO technology.

Wireless signals four different types of wireless technologies
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Different Types of Wireless Communication Technologies